What makes our driving plates better?

You may ask, what makes our driving plates better?

  1. All in C4K! C4K (4096×2160) is the highest 4K resolution,  giving you 552,960 more pixels than UHD (yet can be easily cropped for UHD and HD compatibility). That extra real estate makes it easier to stitch the angles together, because there is more overlap. We shoot in a low contrast profile that gives you the highest latitude in color grading, yet looks great without grading as well. Our cinematographer is a seasoned colorist and film/TV editor/compositor, with color grading credits on 135 TV episodes, and editing/compositing credits on over 260 TV episodes.
    DID YOU KNOW: that a very well known competitor’s catalog is half 1080p, and the 1080p was shot in the very low quality AVCHD codec?
  2. All in sync! We shoot with all 9 cameras at once, in sync, in a nodal arrangement. The start and end points match to the frame, the creation time matches to the second, and all angles match — they couldn’t be easier to sync up!
    DID YOU KNOW: that a very well known competitor shoots multiple passes with half the cameras, so not all of the angles will match?
  3. More affordable! We are pricing our clips at 40-50% lower than the competition!
    DID YOU KNOW: that the 1080p versions of more than one competitor are TWICE as expensive as our C4K… we give you 4.3x the pixels for half the cost!
  4. Better composites! Our composites are easy to see, with the angles in the correct orientation, and the angle indicated on each clip.
    DID YOU KNOW: If you look closely, the composites of several of the competitors have their angles in the wrong places. Also they almost completely block the overhead angle — an angle often bought separately on its own.
  5. Height adjustable! Our custom-engineered rig was designed from the beginning to be height-adjustable, so we can simulate any passenger vehicle or truck. We record our standard driving plates at a height for most passenger cars, but can take requests for other heights.
  6. Fully insured and permitted! Your lawyers can rest easy, knowing that we are fully insured, and always secure film permits for our shooting.
    Need to blur the license plates? No problem! This service can be done for a fee, by our experienced compositor.
  7. Easy to browse and order! Our driving plates and clips can be browsed easily on YouTube and Pond5. You can order à la carte through our website, and also at Pond5.
    Only need 5 angles, or just a single shot? No problem! Order from our website to take advantage of extra discounts.
    DID YOU KNOW: our biggest competitor forces you to buy all 9 angles for $3,000. What if you need only one or two? Come to us!
  8. We take requests! We can take requests for any location or height, as well as other shooting formats like RAW video. We can also shoot with even more than 9 angles, if you have special needs. We are currently taking location requests for the western US and western Canada.
  9. Camera originals! We get the look and the synchronization right in camera, so there is no need for post processing. This means you get no generation loss, and the highest quality possible for color grading. This also means we can deliver the content much faster — within days from our shoot! The stock footage sites will be a few weeks behind, because of their approval process. But rest assured that what will be delivered to you will be the raw camera originals, no matter which source you use to buy the footage.
    DID YOU KNOW: Some competitors take literally years to edit their shoots.

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