Over 14,000 Clips at Pond5!

NEW! Use Pond5’s powerful search engine to find and buy any of our 14,000+ driving plate clips. CLICK HERE and try a search! Be sure to set the price slider to full range.

Want a tunnel? Bridge construction? San Diego Gastown? Angeles Crest Parkway? Marin Headlands? Big Sur? LAX? Hollywood? Sunset Boulevard? Highway night? Cemetery? Beach? Fire engine? Car accident? Just type the search term after “artist:drivingfootage” at the top of the page.

You can also use Pond5’s powerful Adobe Premiere plugin to download composites right within the program, and uprez easily when you’re ready.

Speaking of composites, you can easily download watermarked previews from Pond5’s site, and swap them out with full resolution when you’re ready to buy. Buy à la carte… we won’t make you buy angles you don’t need, like one of our competitors!

Don’t forget you can browse playlists of all of our driving plates HERE.

OR — you can always contact us directly if you have a special need, or prefer personal service. Check back often for special website deals!


• Buy at least 4 angles and get the overhead angle free (Save $179)!
• Get a 9-angle set for the price of 7 angles (Save $358)!
• Buy 2 full 5-angle or 9-angle sets and get a 3rd set free (Save up to $2,327)!

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