At drivingfootage.com, we shoot 9-angle 360 degree driving plates for use in TV & film compositing. Using a custom-engineered height-adjustable rig, we are able to simulate many types of vehicles. We are rapidly expanding our library… as of August, 2019, we have over 14,000 clips available for sale on the website and through Pond5.

Our initial 14,000 clips were focused on Southern California, and our 2nd stage will go up the west coast from San Francisco to Vancouver and British Columbia, with stops in Portland and Seattle. After that, we plan to venture eastward. We do not have any plans to shoot outside of North America… we feel there’s more than enough to shoot in the USA and Canada!

We are also available for custom shoots, pending availability.

We are currently taking footage requests for Los Angeles, as well as anywhere in California.