20% off, holiday updates

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Over the holidays, we will be making some changes to the website. Expect some hiccups! HOLIDAY SALE: For the month of December 2020, get 20% off on our whole library of 14,400+ 9-angle driving plate clips! Plus, if you buy through our website, get the overhead angle FREE with a purchase of 4 […]

Over 14,000 Clips at Pond5!

NEW! Use Pond5’s powerful search engine to find and buy any of our 14,000+ driving plate clips. CLICK HERE and try a search! Be sure to set the price slider to full range. Want a tunnel? Bridge construction? San Diego Gastown? Angeles Crest Parkway? Marin Headlands? Big Sur? LAX? Hollywood? Sunset Boulevard? Highway night? Cemetery? […]

NEW! Compilation videos of all 14,000+ Driving Plate Clips

That’s right! We have added playlists of all 14,000+ driving plates clips we shot in 2018 and 2019, blanketing the Southern California coast from San Francisco to San Diego, including Hollywood, LAX, Sunset Boulevard, San Diego’s Gastown at night, and lots of residential, commercial, and industrial areas for all kinds of uses. We have extended […]


This is our biggest sale ever — for the entire month of January, get over 45% off on our whole library of 14,000+ 9-angle driving plate clips! Get each angle for $97… and if you buy through our website, get the overhead angle FREE with a purchase of 4 or more angles! Did you know… […]

Browse 4,280 Clips At Pond5, and SALE on 10,000 more! [EXPIRED]

All of the 4,280 clips we shot in 2018, including San Diego just before SDCC, hundreds of miles of the Pacific Coast Highway, the Angeles Crest Trail, and lots of Los Angeles freeways and streets, are now online and available for purchase at Pond5! CLICK HERE to browse the catalog. 10,000 more clips from our […]